This College Town may be the Prettiest in the Country!🏔️ - Bozeman, Montana.

"Visit Bozeman, you will not be disappointed." Read the full interview ⬇️

Today’s location is perfect for seeing some of the world’s most serene nature and wildlife. Take a look for yourself!

Nestled in the embrace of the Gallatin Valley, the air is crisp and clean, and the scent of pine trees mingles with the sound of bubbling streams. Welcome to Bozeman, Montana.

As you approach Bozeman, you're greeted by the sight of snow-capped peaks rising over the horizon, green fields, and rocky slopes. The Gallatin Valley is home to countless breathtaking trails for you to see and experience for yourself!

Entering the city, you're struck by the oddly under-sized buildings that line the streets, telling tales of Bozeman's frontier past. Although having a population of about 56,000 people, you will not see signs of commercialism in skyscrapers or tourist attractions. Instead, one can enjoy Bozeman’s impressive craft beers or local eats.

To find out where to go, we reached out to a Montana State Alumni, Chris Monsour, who got to spend plenty of time exploring the city as well as the outdoors.

Here’s what he had to say ⬇️

Q. What was your experience like in Bozeman?

“Amazing experience. I had the opportunity to spend three semesters studying at Montana State which is in the heart of Bozeman. Bozeman is a college town so it had a variety of places to eat and drink, one of my favorites was the Montana Ale Works for lunch or dinner and the Western Cafe for what I would say is the best breakfast in Bozeman. There is also a lot of outdoor opportunities, hiking, skiing at Bridger Bowl, fly fishing and horseback riding. There are plenty of hotels. I recommend the Lark which is located on Main Street. I would also suggest the Museum of the Rockies if you want to see a T-Rex.”

Q. What is your favorite thing about Bozeman? 

“Small college town vibe, with a lot of outdoor options. Bozeman is also very close to Yellowstone National Park and other natural wonders.”

Q. Is there anything else you feel is relevant/want to mention?

“Visit Bozeman, you will not be disappointed.”

But it's the great outdoors that truly defines Bozeman. To the north, the Bridger Bowl is a winter skiing hub and a summer hiking hub. To the south, the Gallatin Range stretches into the distance; its rugged peaks are a playground for climbers and mountaineers.

The rivers are full of trout, attracting fly fishers such as our interviewee. On the weekends, students can take a short trip to Yellowstone National Park, one of the only places in the United States where none of the native large mammal species have gone extinct, giving wildlife lovers a great place to view elk!

There really is a sense of tranquility in Bozeman. In Bozeman, the mountains seem to be ingrained into the daily lives of residents and students alike. So whether you're scaling their peaks or simply basking in their beauty, we’ll

See you in Bozeman, Montana!

pc: NRCS Montana

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