Florida Spring Break? Try The Conch Republic ☀️🌴 - Key West, FL.

Amazing views and fishing

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On the southernmost point of the continental United States lies Key West. Every year, during February and March, the beaches fill up with eager Spring Breakers from across the country.

The visual serenity that Key West offers is only part of the reason why…

The Conch Culture that those from Key West describe is a free-spirited and laid-back tendency of the locals that extends back to 1982 when Key West declared independence from the United States, calling themselves the Conch Republic

While it was really more of a sarcastic declaration, the Conch Republic had genuine grievances regarding roadblocks and checkpoints set by the U.S. Border Patrol that intruded on the Key Westians’ ease of travel (and their tourism profits). Thus, the Conch Republic was born, and the term “Conch” grew to describe more than just the Conch Republic. It quickly grew, becoming a term for local cuisines, identity, and dialect. Today, the Conch Republic stands as a “Sovereign State of Mind,” as said by the Conchs, and their independence is celebrated every April 23rd as part of an even larger week-long festival.

The Conch Culture is also known for its unique, yet sincerely welcoming community. This culmination has solidified Key West as one of college students' favorite spring break locations.

While you stand on the docks of Key West, you’ll see sailboats and fishermen enjoying the ocean’s breeze alongside you. Key West is home to some of the world’s best sport fishing and for a price, you could be the one behind the rod fighting a Tarpon, Grouper, Sailfish, or Marlin! If not, you can still stop into one of the many restaurants to get a taste of them instead.

So, whether you’ll be fighting some of the largest fish in the world, or you’ll be enjoying the Conch Culture on spring break, we will…

See you in Key West!

"Key West Sunset (4)" by rboed is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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