Road Tripping the East Coast? Bar Harbor, Maine ⛵🦐

New England treasure

Here are some of OUR PICKS from Bar Harbor, Maine⬇️

#1. Bubble Pond

Encapsulated by the lush foliage of Acadia National Forest, Bubble Pond is a nice spot for a picnic or walk. Its still waters create a mirror-like effect, attracting photographers and hikers alike.

#2. Thunder Hole

Where Acadia National Park meets the Atlantic Ocean, there is a rocky cliff called Thunder Hole. The rocky shore gets its name from the sounds of the water crashing against it. This and the surrounding views make Thunder Hole a must-visit in Bar Harbor.

#3. Bar Harbor Shore Path Gardens

"HFF" by Me in ME is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

The Bar Harbor shore path is a stunning walk, but the Bar Harbor Shore Path Gardens add an extra layer of beauty to it all. The gardens are a great place to take pictures or escape the loud sounds of water crashing against Thunder Hole.

Take a look for yourself ⬇️


Welcome to Bar Harbor, Maine 🇺🇸 The town is known for its stunning natural beauty, including Acadia National Park, which offers hiking tra... See more

Perched on Mount Desert Island's shores, Bar Harbor is the perfect gateway to Acadia National Park. After a long day of exploring the park’s beauty, sneak into Geddy’s or one of Bar Harbors’ other 20+ restaurants serving fresh lobster.

Explore maritime history at the Abbe Museum or unwind at Seal Harbor Beach alongside the charming New England vernacular architecture. Bar Harbor seamlessly blends adventure, local flavors, and coastal charm for a memorable East Coast escape or stop on your road trip!

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