This Texas City is a gate into Mexico🇲🇽 - Laredo, TX

(you may want to know some Spanish)

On the borderlands of Texas and Mexico lies a city that, over its 261 years, has been aligned with 7 countries.

Laredo, TX, was first settled by Spanish colonials in 1755 as “Villa de San Agustin de Laredo.” Its positioning next to the Rio Grande made it a good strategic position for early settlers, but it made it a target for many years to come, as supported by the “6 flags” that have claimed Laredo throughout its history. Each country that has had claims has left its mark on the region, but for most of its history, the city has been influenced mainly by Mexican and other Hispanic/Latino cultures.

If you are like us, you’ll enjoy the influence of these cultures on Laredo’s restaurants like El Capataz and Palenque Grill, where you can try some great Mexican surf ‘n turf.

After your meal, you may enjoy learning about Laredo's unique cultural and geographical aspects at the Republic of the Rio Grande Museum, which lies in one of the oldest buildings in the city. Nearby are two more staples of Laredo’s old Mexican vernacular architecture: the San Agustin Cathedral and La Posada Hotel.

Laredo, TX, is a visit for those wanting to get outside their culture. Of the ~256,000 people that reside there, about 88% speak a language other than English at home. It may be wise to consider learning Spanish while exploring the Southern U.S.!

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