Eureka Springs: American Gem in the Ozarks.

Hidden within the hilly forages of the Ozarks, Eureka Springs is the home of just 2,200 Arkansans — or Arkansawyers — as we hear they prefer to be called.

The Ozarks are one of the many wonders of the U.S., known for their rugged hills and abundant lakes. For those of you who see the Ozarks in your future, while I know you’ll be excited about boating and hiking, you’ll also want to save Eureka Springs on your itinerary.

Eureka Springs has been recognized on the National Register of Historical Places and selected as one of America’s Distinctive Destinations by the National Trust for Historical Preservation. It once was known as “Little Switzerland of the Ozarks.”

It makes you wonder how this town isn’t better known.

Thorncrown Chapel, designed by architect E. Fay Jones in 1980, is an architectural staple of the Ozarks. The chapel accents the Victorian-style architecture of the town, and the 425 windows invite light that accents the well-preserved finish on the interior.

The Crescent Hotel is a Victorian gem dating back to 1886. Since then, it has served as a luxury hotel, a fake cancer specialist’s office, and a Junior College. Given its past, it’s no surprise the building has had paranormal reports. Some even call it America’s most haunted hotel, and after many sightings, visitors can experience their ghost tour during their stay.

Crescent Hotel — Wikimedia Commons

The people of Eureka Springs are said to be open-minded and welcoming, making it a perfect destination for you to explore and meet new people — all in the serenity of the Ozarks.

See you in Eureka Springs!

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